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​For over 40 years Dr. Ganz has treated patients with a variety of head, neck and TMJ pain. Starting years ago when he created the Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Treatment Division at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset Long Island, Dr. Ganz has always been in the forefront of pain management.

He is pleased to take his practice to a new level with the introduction of the Trudenta System. With this new system we are now able to accurately diagnose the reasons why many of our patients are suffering with chronic pain. It is in the diagnosis that we can now determine who we can treat successfully. That is truly where treatment begins.

Once we have determined who we can treat, we still need the tools to accomplish relief from chronic pain without the need for long term medication, long term dental splints and complicated and oftentimes, compromised long term results.

Laura – Office Manager

Joanne – Business Manager

Gunther – Trudenta Therapist

Donna – Trudenta Therapist


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